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Embark on a beautiful adventure

3 main reasons why you need to elope

If you've decided to skip the traditions and get married your own way- you're in the right place. Elopements are special for 3 main reasons- their intentional, stress-free, and beautiful. It's the most special way two people who love each other, can celebrate their love and tie the knot. It's all about you.

Whether it's up in the mountains, on a beach, in a forest- you deserve to get married however you want to! I'm here to help you plan and document every moment.

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Missouri, USA or Anywhere Your Love Takes Us

Whether it be high up in the mountains, on a beach near the ocean, or here in the midwest- you deserve to get married however you want to. I'll be sure to help you plan and save those beautiful memories for the family and kids. Enjoy some of my favorite client stories from last year.


"My fiancé and I were looking to book with a photographer while we vacationed in Myrtle SC, and I had come across a photographer that recommended Dylan. As soon as I reached out with the vision and inspo I had for the shoot he was immediately on board and willing to meet with us. The shoot was quick and to the point and he had our photos sent over quicker than I had imagined. Obsessed with the outcome and would 100% be down for another photoshoot with Dylan!"

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Behind the Camera Lens

Welcome Friend, my name is Dylan

A wedding & elopement photographer by day, an event planner and location scout by night. You'd think I'm joking right? I am not. My name is Dylan, I live in Springfield, Missouri and I'm a full time wedding & elopement photographer. When I'm not documenting epic love stories, you can find me in the mountains or on a beach somewhere with my partner taking in the most beautiful sceneries.

If you're planning to get married and want to do it your way- I'm here to guide you through the whole process!

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