My Approach and Photography Style

There are many words to describe my art and photography style. For me personally, I take a very spontaneous and photojournalistic approach to my work. I worship candid moments. I am not fond of extremely posed or rigid photographs. I cherish laughter, movement and feelings. I indulge in the flow of the day capturing strikingly beautiful and raw moments.

My editing style is not "light and airy", nor is it extremely "moody", "dark", or "overly-edgy". I would like to think that I fall in the middle ground of true-to-life splendor. I try to keep hues and coloration as genuine as they were on your special day. As an artist, my eyes gravitate towards warm, rich and gorgeous tones filled with depth and contrast.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is someone I can truly get to know and build a friendship with for life. I don't want to be your photographer for the moment; that is not the goal for me. What I do is beyond monetary gain or making a quick dollar. I want to be there for you whenever you call on me; parties, family portraits, engagements, and weddings. I want to be a part of those extraordinary moments throughout your life. I want to grow with you and celebrate with you.